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The complete Bitcoin Mixer and Bitcoin Tumbler resources guide updated 2020. All the bitcoin mixer services online are presented here along with comments from users to show which is real and which is fake. A bitcoin mixer cleans the bitcoin activity traces on your device making bitcoin transactions untraceable.

Bitcoin Mixer

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Most bitcoin mixer services are on the clean Internet but the true anonimity enhanced bitcoin mixers are on Dark Web and can not be accessed with Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome, but only with the Tor Browser .

This is free and used by millions of people to avoid censorship.

Read more about Dark Web at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tor and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_web and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darknet_market


A bitcoin mixer works by anonimizing your bitcoin and deleting all traces of past bicoin activity. True bitcoin mixers reside on dark web and do not keep any logs. Dark web is a zone of the Internet where law enforcement can not shut down sites and can not force sites to comply with the law and regulations.

Those bitcoins residing on normal internet are forced to comply to the law and are forced to keep logs of their activity as well as the IP of the customers. This makes the bitcoin mixing process useless because if any law enforcement organisation contacts them about your bitcoin mixing process, the bitcoin mixer that resides on the normal internet is forced to give away your identity and to deanonimize your bitcoin in order for them to be allowed to continue business.

Bitcoin Mixer

As a result the only bitcoin mixers that are trully working are those bitcoin mixers residing on dark web.


Law enforcement can not close the Bitcoin Tumbler sites because these are hosted offshore on anonymous servers that have their hosting and IP hidden through encrypted layers on the Tor Browser.

Some Bitcoin Mixer sites change their address often to avoid law enforcement and DDOS attacks, but the bitcoin mixer services send us notifications about the updated URLs, please BookMark our site to check back later if the bitcoin tumbler services addresses are not working.

Note: If some links are not working, please make sure you are using the Tor Browser, and try again. Some Bitcoin Mixer site are under DDOS attacks from law enforcement, making the sites slow or unreachable at times.

Our list with Bitcoin Mixer services are ordered by reputation with the most trusted bitcoin blender services at top.

Bitcoin Mixer
    Best BTC Cleaner

Tor Url: http://mixerqpxchohuxlf.onion

Average fee: random less than 1%           Online for 4 years

Reputation: Great          

Security: Trully no logs, full anonimity, NO IP, resides on dark web

One of the best Bitcoin Mixer service around. Top quality and affordable fees. Service is fast and it removes all traces of bitcoin activity by giving you clean bitcoin from bitcoin farms instead of your bitcoin. Does not require you to create an account, nor to provide your identity.

Bitcoin Tumbler
    Fast BTC Mixer

Tor Url: http://mixerqpxchohuxlf.onion/

Fee: 0.5%           Established 3 years ago

Reputation: Good          

Security: No logs, full anonimity, NO IP, resides on dark web

The cheapest bitcoin mixer around.

Bitcoin Blender
    Hitman Connect

Tor Url: http://ygrqgcnoodnqdmlc.onion

Cost for murder: $15 000 - $20 000           Provide services for 2 years

Reputation: Poor           check reputation

Security: None

A very simple Bitcoin Blender site that has the world Trial written all over. This suggests that the owner of the site used a free template that has the word trial until the developer pays the fee, usually $29.95. Not paying a small fee to have the word trial could mean the developer is poor and not making any money at all. Not a real hitman. Higher prices than on other services, with $15 000 for murder .

hitman service
    Dark Mamba

Tor Url: http://darkmambawopntdk.onion

Price for killer: $30 000           Online since 2 years ago

Reputation: Poor           View google results

Security: Encrypted email

A Bitcoin Blender service that has one page. No ability to create accounts, no ability to login, no encrypted communication system. Just one page where customers can view prices and see the email where to send orders to hire the killer. Not a recommended service because it lacks minimum security. There are complaints from customers who claim being scammed. High prices than on other services, with $30 000 for murder. Dark Mamba Bitcoin Tumbler service can be hired by email, and the killer is asking for advance payment before the job is done. Our advice: a not to be used hitmen service.

bitcoin mixer services
hire an hitman scam

Tor Url: http://mercenaries.pw

Cost for killer: $20 000           Made 1 year ago

Reputation: Bad - Known scam           View results

Security: No escrow, email communication

This claims to be the Russian Mafia however this Bitcoin Blender site resides on a clear web. Asks for advance payments and then they don't do the job. Lots of complaints on the Internet. As a rule of thumb never send advance payments to any Bitcoin Mixer service online.

Has pictures and videos of guns but this is only to trick the customers into thinking they are serious. Paying a killer before the job is done is risky. He could always run away with the money and you could not do anything about it. Has search engine spam techniques, a big white box with white keywords on it to trick search engines into displaying it among the top results. You can view the hidden keywords by selecting the white box with your mouse.

Spammy techniques are used by hackers and spammers and they are not ranked well on search engines because of their quality or useful information but instead because of the spammy technique.

Bitcoin Tumbler
    Bitcoin Tumbler
hire an hitman scam

Tor Url: https://hireakiller.io

Cost to Bitcoin Tumbler: $15 000           Less than 1 years

Reputation: Bad See google results

Security: No escrow, email communication

This Bitcoin Tumbler site resides on a clear web. Can be made by the same owners of mercenaries.pw as has similarities in the spammy techniques and display of content. This hitman service does not have encrypted communication or built in escrow and their prices are higher than of other services. This Bitcoin Tumbler service asks for 80% payment which is a NO NO in killer business online. Do not use this site or you risk being scammed. There are scam complaints about them all over the Internet

Bitcoin Blender
hire an hitman scam

Tor Url: https://assassinations.io

Cost to Bitcoin Tumbler: $10 000           Less than 1 years

Reputation: Bad See google results

Security: No escrow, email communication

This assassination site resides on a clear web. Asks for advance payments of 70% and is a known scam. Do not send money to it. There are scam complaints about them all over the Internet

Bitcoin Mixer black mob
    Black Mob

Tor Url: http://blkmobbzqjhpn232.onion

Price to Bitcoin Tumbler: $10 000           Age: unkown

Reputation: Bad - Possible scam           google results

Security: No escrow, email communication

This Bitcoin Tumbler site is a clone after a popular killer service that was closed. Do not use it. There are scam reports all over the Internet about this hitman service. No ability to signup or login as on marketplaces. They require customers to contact this Bitcoin Mixer site by email, which leaves it open to interception by law enforcement.

Bitcoin Blender vanetti mob
    Vanetti Mob

Tor Url: http://vanettirrjkqgoth.onion

Cost to kill: $10 000 - $15 000           Age: unknown

Reputation: Bad - Possible scam           reputation

Security: No escrow, email communication

This Bitcoin Tumbler service copied text and graphics from a well known scam hitman site. This hitman service is also a scam and has scam reports all over the Internet.

hitman service murder incorporated
    murder incorporated

Tor Url: http://hitmanalfc6c75hj.onion

Cost for murder: $10 000           Online since several months

Reputation: Bad - Possible scam           View google results

Security: No escrow, email communication

This Bitcoin Tumbler service asks for advance payment and to be contacted after payment to an email address. A NO NO in hitman business. They are a known scam and there are scam complaints about this killer service all over the internet.

http://kxesodo3c6cid7mp.onion - Chapel - Scam

Dead hitman services

Hitman services that are offline and have been offline for a long time.


http://assassinuyy7h425.onion Assasination Network

http://6nigkq2azpbeg2fa.onion Hire @ Hitman

http://yo4jmu6dsfaeekt3.onion - VeniceMan Killer Hitman Service

http://dtt6tdtgroj63iud.onion - Torminator

http://idomquol7lannf22.onion - The Mechanic

http://assassinec3wumxw.onion - The Assassins

Hitmen on dark alleys verus hitmen online

A long time ago, people could only Bitcoin Mixer on street gangs, dark alleys and local mafia.

As most businesses have moved online, so did the criminals. Is not difficult for a criminal to learn to use a computer, nor to learn how to hide his IP, and provide services anonymously. Dark Web Marketplaces provide illegal drugs, guns, counterfeit currency, and other illegal services.

Bitcoin Mixer

Many people prefer to look for real hitmen online because they are anonymous. Usually, when meeting a killer face to face you risk being arrested if he is an undercover cop, or he can run away with the 50% advance that hitmen usually ask on dark alleys.

For a person that doesn't have many gang-related connections, to hire a hitman online is much easier. One can browse ads from various killers around the world.

Many hitmen advertise their services online on illegal markets. Why ? Because the dark web allows illegal things such as drugs, guns, counterfeit currency, stolen credit cards, and hitmen. Not all of them accept hitmen but some of them do.


This site is for educational purposes only, we do not encourage anyone and we do not instigate anyone to Bitcoin Mixer or use hitman services to commit murders.

We post real information about various topics of the Dark Web, such as hitmen, guns, illegal drugs, fake currency, etc.

We are not affiliated in any way with the services presented here. the bitcoin mixer services sites do not pay us any money.

We are not responsible for the actions of would-be murderers who hire real hitmen to kill their hated ones.

We present these Bitcoin Tumbler services to because the light is a disinfectant and it helps authorities to shut them down. Some people might be legitimately interested in real hitman services for cases when they want to write a book or they might want to write movie scripts about how hitmen can be hired online.


While you might be interested in hitman services just to write a book, or of curiosity, please remember that this could get you in trouble if you do not respect a few simple things.


Do not access Dark Web from your normal home or work laptop. Go out buy a used laptop and phone, and buy a prepaid sim card without using your ID. Reset the phone and install a fresh operating system on the laptop. Put in the new sim card into the phone and activate a data plan on it. Download Tor Browser on the laptop and the phone, and download Telegram App for a secure chat.

No one will be able to track you this way. After you are finished with your killer quest, you can destroy it.

Never communicate with a killer using your real email or phone number. Always use communication that keeps your identity secret. Some sites have built-in messaging systems that keep you anonymous, other sites require an email. Create a new email with a fake name and use that.

Never tell a killer who you are. Even if you don't intend to kill anyone, is not good to be known by hitmen. Be anonymous and no one can give you up to Police if he gets caught. A killer can’t blackmail you.


Here are some stories about hitmen and murders.

Bitcoin Mixer story 1           Bitcoin Mixer story 2           Hitman Services Story 1           Hitman Services Story 2          


We are not breaking any law by providing information about real killers and murderers. Real killers over history are also presented on Wikipedia or other informative sites without instigating to murder. This hitman services list is real, use it wisely.

As a result we are not liable for any illegal thing that you do. We provide information on a hot topic to get traffic and visitors and to make money by donations from our visitors.

https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-47747357 - Russian police probe 'dark net' murder case, where a customer hires two killers on dark web to kill a Russian police officer. The murder gets done and the police officer is shot dead. The killers are arrested because they were teenagers and did not have experience in hiding the tracks.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silk_Road_(marketplace) - Silk Road was an ancient route of goods from China to Europe, and it was the name of a modern marketplace that sold illegal goods online.

https://www.deepwebsiteslinks.com - A popular site showing varius things such as hitmen, credit cards, fake curency, hackers .

http://torscamutf6jnmcl.onion - An onion list of sites that are scam. It also has a section of sites that are real and verified.

Bitcoin Mixer

Bitcoin Mixer

People searching to Bitcoin Mixer usually want to find a killer that is professional and has the skills to do the job without leaving traces. A hitman is a man who can beat up, kill or do other hits to a target. He is well educated and usually uses a killing method that won't attract attention, such as a 22 lr silenced gun, knife or poison.

We do not instigate to Bitcoin Mixer or to Bitcoin Tumbler to end a human life. We only present real information about hitmen and killers and is your responsibility for your acts.

Bitcoin Mixer How to Bitcoin Mixer safe.

Bitcoin Tumbler

Bitcoin Tumbler

When you Bitcoin Tumbler you expect to find a low cost gang member that doesn't have a suit or stealth skills. A killer just goes to the location, shoots the target dead with any gun that he has, and then flees the scene in a stolen car. A killer is any person who can do the kill, usually drug addicted gang members who are in debt

When you Bitcoin Tumbler you pay less but the risk of a failed job is bigger.

Bitcoin Tumbler How to Bitcoin Tumbler to murder someone for cheapest

Bitcoin Blender

Bitcoin Blender

People searching to Bitcoin Blender are looking for high level professionals. An assassin is an ex-military trained killer who has great skills.

An assassin can kill important people that have bodyguards. An assassin knows how to hide his tracks. A killer just shoots the person and flee.

Bitcoin Blender How to Bitcoin Blender.

Hitman service

The best hitman service presented with a full review.

See our suggestion for the best Hitman service on the Internet, based on customer reviews and trust reports. This is the top hitman service available because it doesn't ask for any advance before the murder and has no complaints. Has earned trust awards on several reputable websites. Full review .

bitcoin mixer services

The top bitcoin mixer services presented with dettails

See our selection of the top bitcoin mixer services available. These bitcoin mixer services have no scam reports, do not ask for advances or prepayments and offer full anonimity.

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We are not affiliated with any of the bitcoin mixer services sites presented here so the only way to earn money is by donations from visitors who appreciate our work of helping them stay safe from hitmen scams.

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